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2014 May Day Open and Basic Skills Competition

2014 May Day Open Late Registration closes in:


The Gardens Figure Skating Club of Maryland invites US Figure Skating and Basic Skills Members to participate in the 2014 May Day Open and Basic Skills Competition to be held May 8-11, 2014 at the Gardens Ice House in Laurel Maryland.

We are excited to announce that the 2014 May Day Open is a participating nonqualifying competition in the U.S. Figure Skating National Solo Dance Competition Series. If you have questions or would like more information on the Solo Dance Competition Series, please visit or contact Brenda Glidewell at

Details for this competiton can be found in the revised 2014 May Day Open and Basic Skills Announcement All registrations and payments for this competition must be done online. You can register for this competition by clicking the Register for the 2014 May Day Open button below.

The deadline for registering for this event is 03/31/2014. It is highly recommended that you register at your earliest convenience to avoid any last minute complications.

Please Read This: If you participated in either the 2010 May Day Open, the 2010 Skate Wilmington , the 2011 May Day Open, the 2012 May Day Open, or the 2013 May Day Open competitions, then you already have a login account and you should use that account to register for this competition. If you have forgotten your login User ID/password, click on the 'Register for the 2014 May Day Open' button below and then, in the FigureSkatingEvents login portal, click on the link to recover your login information. If you are having problems registering or have questions about this competition contact Cathy Lee at

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May Day Open 2014 Competition Schedules
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HTML   04/18/2014 Skater Groupings Preliminary skater groupings. NOTE: Groupings are subject to change.

More up to date information can be found under the News section on the home page.

Please email the May Day Open Admin with any questions or concerns you have about the May Day Open or the online registration process.

May Day Open Test Session: We are pleased to announce a test session scheduled for Sunday, May 11, 2014 using May Day judges. The deadline is Thursday, May 1, 2014 at 11:59 PM. Applications will be accepted by fax with VISA/MC payments or by email with payment information by phone. Please do not send paper applications or any physical form of payment. We will prioritize Gardens FSC members, then May Day skaters, and then everyone else. If you would prefer a different day/time during the competition, I may be able to accommodate you. Please contact the competition chair at for any questions.

Download the 2014 May Day Open Test Session Application

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